Client Responsibilities


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Client Responsibilities:

Client acknowledges that it shall be responsible for performing the following in a reasonable and timely manner:

a. Communication and coordination of decisions if they affect the travel arrangements of any other member of their group. If the Client is acting on behalf of a group of travelers, Client shall communicate the terms and conditions to each party and is responsible for providing the indication of understanding on behalf of the group. 

b. Provision of accurate and complete information requested by Travel Agent as reasonably necessary to complete the Services. Client accepts responsibility for and shall review all dates, times, and reservations made on their behalf by Travel Agent and agree that the Client is solely responsible for their accuracy. Client understands that Travel Agent is not responsible for any cancellation, errors, or omissions on behalf of vendors or suppliers providing travel services. 

c. Obtaining Travel insurance is recommended and sometimes required to protect Clients from certain situations that could cause the travel plans to be canceled, interrupted, or delayed resulting in loss of time and monies. Client accepts responsibility for obtaining and selecting travel insurance and any liability that occurs from either a delay in obtaining coverage or waiving coverage. Client understands that travel insurance is available from Travel Agent and if purchased, understands and agrees to all the terms, conditions, and limitations of the insurance program or policy.

d. Client acknowledges it is their sole responsibility to identify, obtain, and have available as necessary all required valid Travel Documents, including but not limited to passports, visas, inoculation certificates, and legal documents. These Travel Documents may be required for boarding, entry to another country or re-entry to your country of origin. Client understands that their passport must be valid for a minimum of six (6) months after their travel date. Client understands that without proper and valid Travel Documents they may be prevented from boarding or entering a country. Client agrees that no refunds will be provided for failure to obtain or provide Travel Documents and travel insurance is not applicable or liable under those circumstances. 

The Traveling Compass and Global Dream Vacations, collectively known herein as “Travel Agent”, provide strictly advisory services to Client (name identified above) in connection with their services. Client understands that the Travel Agent cannot and does not guarantee any particular outcome in any matter Travel Agent is requested to handle or in any Services Travel Agent provides. Travel Agent warrants to Client that Services to be delivered or rendered hereunder will be performed by qualified personnel. Travel Agent makes no other warranties, whether written, oral or implied. Client accepts and acknowledges that all Services provided by Travel Agent are subject to the Agreement for Travel Management Services available for review on our website.

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