Scandinavia Cruises & Northern Europe Cruises

Journey beyond the Norwegian fjords to uncover the true history of the Vikings, from the Shetland and Orkney Islands to the United Kingdom. Trace timeless trade routes. Visit the cultural capitals of Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg. As you explore, longer port calls, overnight stays and longer daylight hours of the midnight sun enhance your discoveries. From soaring, deep-cut fjords and dramatic peaks to historic Scandinavian cities and atmospheric fishing villages rich in tradition, immerse yourself in the remarkable maritime history and colorful cultures that have shaped some of the most scenic shores in the world. Rich in celebrated capitals such as Helsinki and Oslo, and in delightful surprises, like medieval Gdansk, Poland, and Tallinn, Estonia, Scandinavia and Northern Europe are steeped in cherished traditions, and cloaked in a breathtaking coastal beauty found nowhere else.

The Americas & Caribbean Cruises

Viking has foregone umbrella drinks, kiddie pools, and casinos for a cultural celebration of a diverse heritage—British, Mayan, French, Tlingit, Spanish, Dutch, African. A western, eastern or southern Caribbean cruise with Viking gives you an intimate view. From Antigua to Aruba, St. Martin to San Juan, we showcase this vibrant region through carefully curated itineraries, more time in port and excursions that let you experience your destination up close. The Americas and the Caribbean harbor unmatched cultural diversity and magnificent beauty, and Viking reveals it all to you on endlessly rewarding itineraries. Cruise among the soaring fjords and jagged massifs of Chile. Sail past Alaska’s gleaming-white glaciers. And explore sophisticated cities along the Eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada, the relaxed vibe of the Caribbean and the lush beauty of Central America. You may even sail deep into the fabled Amazon.

Mediterranean Cruises

Empires rose and fell along the Mediterranean and left behind a remarkable cross-section of history. Marvel at the unmatched beauty of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Southern France. Uncover millennia of history in Athens, Rome, and Israel. Marvel at the turquoise seas of Santorini and the white-clad houses of the Greek Isles. Experience colorful Barcelona and sample the world’s finest wines in the vineyards of Provence. As you trace some of Europe’s most historic and culture-rich shores, raise a glass to countless discoveries on board a Mediterranean cruise with Viking. Civilization is said to have begun and evolved on these shores, whether as the birthplace of democracy or science or with the refinement of wine or art. From the sun-soaked shores of Spain and Sicily to the ancient past of Greece and Israel, Viking reveals millennia of history to you during our many journeys along these fabled waters.

Asia & Australia Voyages

Asia and Australia cruises paint a colorful canvas vibrant with brushstrokes of lush rainforest, dazzling blue seas, sleepy villages, and cultured cities. Viking’s New Zealand cruises, too, showcase breathtaking natural wonders. From India and Singapore to Sydney and Auckland—and the stunning ports beyond such as Shanghai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul—Viking reveals the best of the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. Pull back the veil to discover the nuances of vibrant cultures in India, China, Japan and Vietnam. Call on the lush and colorful islands of Indonesia. Discover the wonders of Malaysia and Thailand. And head “Down Under” to explore the most beloved ports of Australia and New Zealand.

Africa Cruises

Cruise to South Africa, Madagascar & Mozambique

Sail in the wake of Portuguese, English, German, Dutch and other explorers when you join our Africa cruises. You will witness timeless tribal traditions alongside vestiges of colonialism from Mauritius to Senegal, from Madagascar to Mozambique. Marvel at the desert landscapes of Namibia. Explore the vibrant culture and arresting scenic vistas of South Africa. Heed the call of Africa with Viking and experience an enriching cruise like none other. Outside Africa’s safari circuit lies spellbinding coasts and lush islands where tribal ways, intriguing cultures, modern cities and breathtaking wilderness live side by side. Amid this multihued mosaic, Viking reveals enduring ways of life and unspoiled landscapes, calling on the island nations of Mauritius and Madagascar, immersing you in South Africa’s Victorian-flavored ports and bringing you around the famed Cape of Good Hope to the sand-strewn coast of Namibia and beyond.

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