Custom Luxury Travel Planning

Each trip is unique. Luxury travel planning means collaborating with clients to find the perfect fit, the perfect guide, the perfect accommodation, the perfect destinations, and the perfect pace. Planning a life-changing trip is all about customizing the experience for our clients so they can experience the rich culture, diversity, and many adventures to be had in each destination. We will work with you to fully understand your goals, needs, and your travel style so that we can craft an insightful and creative itinerary.

1. Discover

We want to get to know you – your likes and dislikes, travel pet peeves, even your bucket wish list. We want you to be confident that your trip really is going to measure up to your expectations. We will work with you closely to make sure we understand your wants and needs … so feel free to speak freely! The more we know (special family needs? food allergies? need special flight arrangements?) the better we can serve you.

2. Design

We will perform extensive research to find the best options for you. The proposal may include information about the accommodations, special amenities, recommended tours and activities, and general logistical information (recommended flights, transportation information, etc.). This normally takes 7-10 business days to complete, depending on the complexity of the proposal.

3. Book

We will begin the booking process, or revise the proposal if needed. Prior to your departure, we will ensure your reservations are confirmed, your VIP amenities will be applied, and that all partners are fully prepared and informed. We will share your final customized itinerary with you in PDF format.

4. Prepare

Just before you travel we will contact you to make sure you have everything you need and advise of you any changes, additions or things to be aware of.

5. Experience

We will be available throughout your trip in case you need to reach us – whether it is to send an amazing new photo or to alert us of a concern. Upon your return, we would love to hear your feedback – your favorite parts, your favorite meal, and if anything that could have been done differently. Having up to date, firsthand information is always helpful when planning for future trips, and helps us get to know you as travelers even better.

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