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Luxury Travel Agent

The Traveling Compass is a full-service luxury travel agency. Our success is built on a foundation of unmatched expertise and outstanding customer service. Our travel agents specialize in international travel, corporate incentive trips, destination weddings & honeymoons, multigenerational travel, luxury leisure, and family travel.

Planning a trip can be fun. But it can be overwhelming too. You can easily find yourself spending countless hours researching and reading a variety of guidebooks, online reviews, and websites and still be unsure about what to plan for your group or if certain resorts are any good.

Discover the benefits of a luxury leisure travel agent. Let us reduce complexity, ensure smart choices, provide privileged access and one-of-a-kind experiences while you get lost in the moment and gain genuinely unforgettable memories.

Whether we’re arranging your next trip to New Zealand, or planning a group trip to the Caribbean, we save you something eminently valuable: Time. Time to guide your company, to enjoy your family, or any number of the important things in your life.

What We Do

Your trip should be carefully built with hand-selected experiences to exactly fit you. We use our expertise and the very best vendors in the industry to design your dreams. Search engines don’t do that. Experts do that.

Life is too short to take the wrong vacation. Over 50% of people pick the wrong vacation for them. Why waste your trip? Why take someone ELSE’s trip? Your memories are too precious to leave to do-it-yourself travel disappointment. Take a trip that’s designed for you by an expert travel agent.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Our travel agents have extensive travel experience. Their best (and worst) personal trips have created expertise that is imbedded in every aspect of our trip designs so you benefit. We routinely travel to visit the properties and destinations we recommend. We are constantly in classes to be up-to-date on the latest changes and innovations in travel.  

We listen and get to know you. We remember that your kid only eats chicken nuggets or your spouse likes pools with shade. We work one-on-one with you on and match each trip’s needs to a designer’s expertise. You talk with a person, not a call center. As we work with you over a lifetime, we help translate the things you love to new and exciting destinations and stages of life.

Some travel companies and search websites only offer a narrow variety of hotels and tours. You don’t get the full picture of what’s available or choices that might fit you best. We don’t do that. As independent travel agents, we work with the best vendors across hundreds of companies to bring you the best possible trip.

A travel agent can do so much more for you than just booking plane tickets and making hotel reservations. Check out these often overlooked benefits of having a travel agent in your corner.

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Suppliers and Partners

As an affiliate of the Travel Leaders Group, “the undisputed leader in travel,” the Traveling Compass is proud to partner with many of the travel industry’s most reputable, leading suppliers including: airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, hoteliers, car rental companies, passenger rail lines, theme parks, destination management companies and travel insurance providers, as well as the world’s most-sought-after, premier destinations.